January 04, 2006

Pilgrim's progress

One debated, one demurred
How should it be revealed online?
In poetry, or prose perhaps
Or both of them, in intertwine?

One might’ve done a weepy post
So full of longing and despair
And written little paeans to
Each windmill, every tulip there.

One could’ve done a Hindi song
One could’ve gone the filmi way
Discussed musafir zindagis
(But then one does that everyday.)

One might’ve tried to go descriptive
Pepped things up with foreign lore
Quoted different Dutch poets,
Gone heavy on the metaphor.

One thought long and hard, one did
Then one decided to be brief
So one shall spare thee, gentle reader!
(Reader heaves sigh of relief.)

So one shall tell it like it is:
One ain’t where one was before.
One shall tell it straight and true:
One now resides in Singapore.


shakester said...

one shall have to say
on reading someone near
one does not know you
but you are welcome here

Aditya Bidikar said...

Wonderfully thought, perfectly managed, and very, very good.

Anjali said...

So Amsterdam has been forsaken?
Ah, well, 'musafir zindagi'
Is right and these things cannot be
Helped. I'm sure One is unshaken

By such trifles. March on without
Worry, because I have no doubt
That Singapore welcomes One fondly
One's, after all, The One and Only

One in a Billion said...

One does not know you either
(Coincidence, as such)
But for the welcome, one shall surely
Thank you very much!

Aditya : Thanks! And thanks for linking, too.

Anjali :
One is pleased, for it seems that one's
Fortitude you trust
One is hardly shaken, though
‘Tis mostly wanderlust!

the Monk said...

One does get around, doesn't One?Have fun,man...

Aditi said...

new year in a new place huh?
plus a new name...
how many more changes to go?:)

m. said...

major globe trotting eh? much coolness :D

have fun!

Twilight Fairy said...

OMG! such "song and dance" for a oneliner like you shifted to singapore? :p :)

But I really like that song and dance routine..you seem to be adept at it :D
So you too shifted from europe to asia.. eh? :).

One in a Billion said...

Monk : Will try, amigo. Will try.

Aditi : The name isn't new, no .. just a slight modification to account for recent schizophrenia. And as far as changes go .. well, one might just write something serious soon. Imagine.

m. : (Note that one now employs the correct case for thy identifier) Yes, ma'am. Will try!

Fairy : Well, brevity has never been one's strong point .. just be glad there weren't any trees around. Glad you liked it, though. And yes, we all seem to be heading east these days.

LAK said...

The One has gone to Singapore
Having fun, we are sure
All the best
Get some rest
Then sit down and blog some more!

Anonymous said...

eeks ok ignore my comments in the post below- makes me feel very silly for not having read this first before asking!

Very nicely done- this post.

m. said...

duly noted - thanksh :D

Julez said...

Nice blog


One in a Billion said...

One’s unpacking and taking stock
Adjusting the ol’ body clock
One frowns at this town,
For one seems to be down
With a mildish case of blogger’s block!

(Wanted to reply likewise, in limerick
Quatrains are old hat, you’ll agree
But rhyming two lines is hard enough
One could only just rhyme three.)

Dee : Thanks. (Scandinavia?)

m. : :-B (that’s a buck-toothed smile, actually).

Julez : Thanks, and welcome.

Dee said...

I don't know why I thought you were further up north in Europe than you were!

death said...

hee hee, beautiful :)

One in a Billion said...

Dee : Well, one has always been highly regarded.

Death : Thanks, and welcome. (One seems to be welcoming Death. Aaarrrgghh!)

Anonymous said...

Lol :P