February 16, 2006

Worse libre

Thought of writing
A poem today.
A modern sort of poem, you know.
Free verse, they call it.
You write it
just like you would write prose
Except you can be
even less coherent.
Then you break your lines
Arbitrarily, like
Add a few
important words
Let’s see .. dreams, yes, dreams
Teardrops and infinity, maybe
And, of course, love.
(Couldn’t leave that one out, could we.)
And you’re not to worry
About rhythm or
Different is avant-garde, after all.
And then, especially if you’re Asian
You talk about home
If you mix up your languages, better still
More exotic, you see.
Critical acclaim is assured.

There. Hey,
this is easy.
Let’s try
Abstract art next.


Casablanca said...

Oh well.
Thought of writing
a comment here.
A neutral sort of comment, you know.
Free compliment, they call it.
You write it
just like you would write anything else
Except you can be
even more liberal with the truth.
Add a few
flattering words
Let's see... nice, well-written
Hilarious, and awesome.
And, of course, cool.
(Couldnt leave that one out, could we.)


Aditi said...

hey cool!

One in a Billion said...

Casa :

Thought of replying
to your comment.
A neutral sort of reply, you know.
Let's see .. that's nice of you
And rather kind of you
And, basically, thanks.
(Couldn't leave that one out, could we.)

Aditi : Thanks. HFIRC. (Hope Floor Is Relatively Clean.)

Casablanca said...

Thought of replying
to your reply.
A useless sort of reply, you know.
But then
That it would become
A conversation.
Almost, a conversation.

Anonymous said...

was wondering
what is up
with One
checked the blog
and found this on
poetry the one
calls it
poetry casa
replies in
So Dee thought
Let's see.....
why break the pattern
hilarious yes
and could come
only from
the one and only
[couldn't leave that one out]


Nessa said...

Casa said it best :)

*the anonymous* is enjoyng this pome, then comment, then reply to comment, then reply to reply.. lotsa glee :)

Cynthia E. Bagley said...


all abstracts

One in a Billion said...

Casa :

A conversation,
you say?
Can't let that happen, can we?

Dee :

Glad you
and glad you
not to
break the
We are a rather
bunch of poets

Nessa : She did indeed. One is glad to have provided glee to *the anonymous*.

Cynthia : Indeed. Most worthwhile ones, too.

LAK said...

One does come up with one-derful titles, no? What next after abstract art? Twisting paper clips into "sculpture"?

Camphor said...

granted that One is allowed
(what is allowed in free form
after all? string a few words
together and imagine Oneself to be done)
to forget
about rhyme and rhythm and meter
and punctuation
(let us not forget that)
what's so different in that?
that One has not forgotten
the all essential words-
Essence, Spirit, and Meaning,
and Self
of course
that One has Meaning and Depth and Purpose
not to mention, Uniqueness.

One in a Billion said...

LAK : Hey, paper-clip sculptures were going to be the next post! Ah well.

Camphor :

Meter and rhyme
are irrelevant
if, as you say,
It is only the meaning
that defines
the poem.
But sometimes
writing like this
feels like cheating.
Frost himself
compared free verse to
playing tennis
without a net.

examdamned said...

does absolutely NOBODY realise this is sheer madness, and is exactly how us students of literature have to end up reading absurd poetry, only becoz a bunch of bored people got together and decided to have some fun over tea and scones! tea and scones, internet and blogspot - wozza difference, i ask ya?!?! X-( Bleddy syllabus expanders.

Ph said...

*gulp* But this is exactly how we write. You mean there is a problem with that.

One in a Billion said...

Examdamned : Glad to be of service. Expanding the syllabi of unfortunate literature students, while not one of the original aims of this blog, certainly seems to be a worthwhile pursuit. You may look forward to more absurd poetry.

Ph : *double gulp* Well, no .. er ..
P.S. IMHO, the ideas in the poem should be powerful enough to compensate for the absence of a pattern. This post was written in response to an anthology of modern poetry I picked up at a library .. I wasn’t referring to blogs at all. And in any case one is a chap of extremely unrefined aesthetic sensibilities. Perhaps one has got it all wrong.

the Monk said...


Casablanca said...

Two people,
And coffee
But no conversation?
Can't let that happen, can we?

One in a Billion said...

Monk : Ah, there you are. Thanks.

Casa :

One is told
that silences
can be rather eloquent
Especially when
coffee is involved.

Anonymous said...

One shall
seriously consider
expanding syllabi
of literature
then poets such
as I
shall be
remembered as
blogsquaintances of
and Dee shall
finally be entered
in the
books of history
err Literature.
Dee eagerly
One's advent into
the world of
abstract art.
One shall
consider a red
stroke across
a white page
Such art
is surely

One in a Billion said...

Dee :

A red stroke
across a white
page, you say?
Marvellous, simply
Dee is clearly
capable of
entering the history
On her own.

Perhaps a blue dot
on the top left
would add to the effect.

Camphor said...

Tennis without a net is fun. :P
Have you never experienced that glorious game of indian summers
of grimy feet and grimier hands, that a body consistantly manages to lose - hand tennis?

One in a Billion said...

Camphor: Of course. It would not be incorrect to say that the majority of one's school life has been spent pursuing that sport. 'Tis all in the wrist, actually.