September 26, 2006

Aaj Bloggy ka janamdin hai

Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the blogosphere lies a small, yellow blog, which fancies that it is still read once in a while by the odd bloghopper. But there is one thing about this particular blog that makes it quite remarkable. This blog, you see, is exactly one year old.

Today, give or take a few time zones, is this blog's Happy Budday. Yes. The blog is all grown up, and one is so proud. We shall celebrate, naturally. We shall invite all the neighbourhood blogs over, we shall full-throatedly sing old film songs involving laddoos and well-fed bachchas, we shall play a few invigorating rounds of Simon Says, and we shall send all the li'l bloggywoggies home with bulk-discounted Return Gifts. Ah, joy.


This, of course, might be a fine time to look back, to ponder over what this journey has been like and where it has brought us. To take you from the moment a bright-eyed tech intern in faraway Europe clicked a Rediff link marked "Blogs", to the moment he decided to begin one himself, to the moment he discovered that people were actually reading what he wrote, to the moment he realized that he’d been writing it, off and on, for a whole year. And to ruminate on these experiences.

But we shall not do that. No.

Blogging about blogging, one fears, may smirch the experience. There are many things that one has observed, much that could be said vis-à-vis why one blogs, and why one writes the way one does, and why one hasn't been posting much lately, and what one thinks of one's writing, but that would likely serve no purpose beyond making one a tad selfconscious next time one posts. So let us lead the unexamined bloglife, and let us enjoy it.

That said, one would like to thank the kind folks who've linked up, and those who drop by and comment, and the nice people at DesiPundit for linking several times over the past year. 'Tis much appreciated.

Oh, and let's listen to Spiderman, Spiderman.


Ash said...

It's always a pleasure reading you, and I'm glad to introduce you to other DP readers.

Happy Budday !

educatedunemployed said...

Happy Budday (is that the official greetings?)

Awesome..I do think these are definite milestone and one should celebrate indeed.

So now where is my 'bulk-discounted return Gift??..:D

Brown Magic said...

ahh wonderful - one turns one - hearty cogratulations.

I recommend The Ramones version of the spiderman themesong.

Teleute said...

A Hippy Heppy Bloggie B'day to you!

*wears a hat. blows a whistles. bursts a cracker. gets drunk*

Anonymous said...

Hey, budday ki badhai Bloggy! And congratulations to Bloggy's daddy too. :-)


Jinguchakka said...

Wishing for more frequent postings in the second year!

Sheetal said...

Happy Budday, yellow bloggy!

Shweta said...

Aww Tctchaa! Just missed it! but many happy wishes anyway. And may your second year be even funner than your last.

Casablanca said...

Did someone mention that you 'fathered' this blog? Now that is a very interesting concept, if you know what I mean ;)

hyuk hyuk hyuk

Anonymous said...


Casablanca: Hey, talk about having a wild imagination! The 'daddy' ref was made following the tone of the post (as of a proud parent celebrating a kid's birthday) and so was intended as the 'one-who-takes-care-of' the blog.

One: Apologises for using your space to respond to another comment, but Casablanca's 'hyuk hyuk hyuk' made me go =:O


One in a Billion said...

Ash: Thank you, and thank you!

Educatedunemployed: Well, the official greeting, if Orkut is to be believed, is actually Happy Budday .. Many Happy Returns Of The Day .. May You Enjoy Long, Prosperous And Healthy Life .. Can I Make Friendship With You?

And as for the return gift .. you do need to turn up with a regular gift, you know.

BM: Thanks .. and the Ramones did a cover version? This we've got to hear.

Teleute: Ah, that's how it's done these days .. you're sure there's no Simon Says? It was so much fun too.

Thanks for the wishes :)

N: Thanks .. from both of us!

Jinguchakka: Yes, that's a promise. BTW the title means "Today is Bloggy's birthday" .. but you probably knew that already :)

Sheetal: This yellow bloggy thanks you, and is overjoyed that the other yellow bloggy is back in business!

Shweta: Thanks! And yes, we hope it will be!

Casa: No, actually, but the hyuks imply that you're being evil. One shall complain to the class monitor. Or someone.

N: Arrey. Not to take things so seriously. Somebody's on a mean streak at the moment - too many Bhangra Nights, no doubt. It'll pass.

Primalsoup said...

Hello Hello and Happy Blog Birthday! :)

DSK said...

Happy Birthday!!! Good luck!

zigzackly said...

Many good wishes. And please sir, can we 'ave some more?

LAK said...

Oops, missed it! All the times I dropped in, there wasn't a fresh post,and when I dropped out for a few days---! Well Heppy Birdday, ji! Here's wishing for many more posts!

One in a Billion said...

Primalsoup: Hello hello and thank you!

DSK: Thank you! And we await your new post ..

Zigzackly: Entirely honoured, sir! We shall endeavour to provide satisfaction, as always.

LAK: See, you shouldn't ever give up on us .. thanks for the wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Hey One, this Bloggy wants many more Happy Buddays so that it can party more with all those other li'l bloggywoggies. And It finally realises that a balanced diet is very important for being all grown up quickly, so It agrees to go easier on the snacks and have more of the proper meals. So please feed It more Posts, because there are hardly any proteins in a diet of just crunchy Comments...besides the latter are oh so high on the cholesterol too!


Arthur Quiller Couch said...

If your bloggy is to grow up big and tall, I'd advise you feed it less on India Uncut (and perhaps J.A.P., too?)

We hope for a more prolific second year.

And what is the name of that steakhouse on the other side of Clarke Quay?

the Monk said...

Blog on, comrade!

tangled said...

One has a new fan. Auspicious timing, perhaps? Though being late rarely appeals :)
Congratulations on surviving thus far.

One in a Billion said...

N: Very true. *feeds bloggy its bedtime multivitamin syrup and cod-liver oil*

AQC: What?! And one never even mentioned cows ..

You speak of Just Steak. Or perhaps of the Sizzling Rock?

Monk: Thank you, comrade. You too!

Tharunya: Welcome, you are. Better late than never, no? And yes, 'twas a long and lonely struggle, but we made it :)

tangled said...

Please, also, you inspired me to try my skill at rhyme. It's terrible, but I'll get better (or quit. it could swing either way.)
Thank you much :)

Anonymous said...

[*feeds bloggy its bedtime multivitamin syrup and cod-liver oil*]

hm..and yet it hasn't grown by even half a post? Something's fishy.. :)


One in a Billion said...

Tangled: Ah, wonderful, wonderful. *feels warm glow*

N: Oh, give it a little time.

tangled said...

Alas, one had hoped to be able
to stop by at the end of this day
to the very latest of posts
(you know, the one about the birthday)

And say, with flourish grand and bold -
"Look, see, O' One, what I have done
Now on the same page as all the rest
Been through the archives one by one"

But now you've forestalled my happy plan
With this delightful ditty
(But I'm pleased to have been the cause
Of return of poetry so witty)

(whew. getting better, nein?)

tangled said...

Also, yessss, yesssssssss. DONE. All archives visited, all comments perused, all the necessary snorting and related assorted sounds produced. T's two bits added in appropriate places.
Now I may fall asleep on the keyboard.

(p.s. both these t's are the same person. you probably guessed it, but still. just in case)