December 10, 2005

Till death do them part

A matrimonial advertisement on the site of a leading webmail provider informs one that Maya, 25, is a surgeon and basketball player who believes in a relationship that’s based on trust. Another site reveals that Smitha, also 25, is an associate editor who bakes delicious cakes. However, after a careful study of their photographs, one swears upon all that is dear to oneself that these two are in fact *adopts low Hitchcockian tone* the same individual. She must be really eager to get on with the nuptials.

In other news, the following has been spotted on Wikipedia's main page :

Did you know .. that Socks the cat belonged to Bill Clinton while President of the United States?

And, being in a particularly sadistic frame of mind right now, one shall subject the unsuspecting reader to the *drum-roll, trumpets etc* PJ of the week:

Q : What did Sanjay Dutt say when he met Hector Hugh Munro?
A. O Saki Saki re … Saki Saki .


babelfish said...

So the One has been peering with intent interest at photographs of matrimonial websites...hmm...

*eyebrow raised enquiringly*

Should we advance congratulations in advance?

Sue said...

So,you are "The One"? ;-) Just dropped by. Nice stuff you have here!
Which part of NL do you live, if thats not asking for too much info on an anon. blog?

the Monk said...

It's Yahoo...she's a rather pretty one...I'd gladly play ball with her...

One in a Billion said...

Babel : But .. but .. they weren't matrimonial websites, they were mail websites! And one has accounts with them .. God promise!

(And one is rather concerned about your eyebrows. They have been under much tension on this blog recently.)

Sue : Welcome, and thank you. One lives in the south of the country, in Eindhoven.

Monk : Yeah, she is kind of pretty, ain't she!

sinusoidally said...

One has to be very wise with an eye for detail to make that observation.

LAK said...

LOL on the saki gag! Here's an old one, but hope you haven't heard it before:
what did Lord Mahavira say to tarzan?
Ans: You Tarzan me Jain!
(Don't intend to hurt any religious sentiments, though)

One in a Billion said...

Sines : Well, actually it helps that she's pretty.

LAK : No, never heard it before! *claps* *salutes*