April 02, 2006

Your kind attentions please

Today one has a Brief But Important Announcement to make. Yes.

One has added a friend to one’s Orkut network. This, people, brings the total to Two. One registers extreme joy and fervently hopes that the social life shall continue to blossom.

But no, that was not the B. B. I. Announcement. For that is this : one completely forgot about the Blog’s half-birthday, which whooshed by on the twenty-fifth of March. Much sadness is felt at this oversight, but let us not mope. Let us instead bring out the cachaça and dance in our most footloose manner to the tune of Spiderman, Spiderman, friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.


Casablanca said...

*raises eyebrows*

So now people celebrate half-birthdays and all? Tsk tsk... the things people do for a little dance and a lot of gifts.


Anonymous said...

haha casablanca beat me to it but I share her pov :P

the Monk said...

Orkut? yeah, it's a rage here...oh by the way, if you remember my post about one Yogalakshmi, I would be happy to inform you that the Yoga Fan Club has finally gone official on orkut...orkut's useful for things like that...oh, happy belated half blog-birthday (do check out U.J.'s new post on birthdays)...

Shweta said...

Indeed thanks are in order
For a year by half of pleasure
For the smiles, and the fodder
For thought and many bright moments of leisure

Happy half blog birthday, dear One, indeed one would have partaken in your happy idea for celebrations but one anticipates a serious glitch. One has attempted to sing that particular song several but several times and is always stumped by the high notes and unrememberable lyrics of the second line.

P.S Apologises for using your “zameen”. But one noticed that The One used a new form with no loss to felicity in One’s previous offering, therefore one made bold.

LAK said...

Which part of spiderman is relevant, O One?
"At the scene of the crime
he arrives just in time"?
Thanx for putting the jingle into my mind---you shall now be "treated" to however much i can remember of it:
Spiderman, spiderman,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web any size
Catches thieves
Just like flies
Hey there, there goes the spiderman
In the chill of the night,
At the scene of the crime,
Like a streak of light,
He arrives just in time.
Spiderman, Spiderman,
Friendly neighborhood spiderman.
Unrememberable lyrics? I don't think!

One in a Billion said...

Casa: You see right through the One. Oh well.

Dee: Now everyone’s being nasty to the One .. *normally-stiff lip twembles* and it’s his bloggy’s half-birthday and all *sniff*

Monk: A fanclub dedicated to Yoga herself? Excellent, excellent. And one for Vairamuthu is in the offing too, we trust?

And that delightful birthday-post you mention has, naturally, been perused.

Shweta: Thank you, thank you ever so kindly. And the title of the song is a link .. it shall hopefully take you to the song itself, and refresh your memory. If good LAK hasn’t already done so.

And please do not apologize, for you use the zameen quite wonderfully. New forms are fun, are they not?

LAK: Hmm .. it’s not particularly relevant, actually, it’s just that one has spent many a happy Sunday afternoon watching that show.

Thanks much for those lyrics!

Casablanca said...

Awww… the One, I didnt wish to offend
Celebrate the half-budday, I recommend
Will bring bloggy-gifts and smiley bright
As long as there is a yummy cake in sight.

Shweta said...

Thanks One, that purpley thing should have tipped me off, but as you have obviously fiqured out one is quite dismal at such things.
BTW was it not Saturday afternoons, a while after Vikram aur Betaal?

Anonymous said...

*hands a box of kleenex*

hippy half-budday bloggy-One can stop the twembling and sniffling now.

you're not katti with me anymore, no?

Primalsoup said...

You ought to not celebrate any birthday's actually, if you want to remain One!

And half birthday's must be banned. Numbers are bad enough. With decimals? *shudder*

Having said all that, happy birthday and all the good stuff! :)

A said...

Half-Birthday time is when the Dil-shaped balloons are presented, aren't they?

:D Was brought to think of a particular Dil Chahta Hai scene by this post. Happy Halftime, One:)

Twilight Fairy said...

Humble request to the one to be adding moi to the orkut friends list and making it three :).

Spiderman we all shall sing. If you want, He-man too, if you please.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Well, happy half-birthday and all that. But your Orkut has made me feel keenly under-privileged. I tried to sign up and they told me (politely but firmly) that membership is by invitation only.

And I slunk away "feeling very small", like the man who "asked for bread with one fish-ball".

("That poor man, he went outside / and shot himself until he died". So if there's a sooside to investigate, this is evidence on your blog. You have been warned.)


vAgue said...

spider spiderman. what joy. much thanks

One in a Billion said...


Celebrate we surely will,
We’ll sing Spiderman until
The vocal cords do twist and break.
But pehle gifts, and baad mein cake!

Shweta: Hmm .. Sunday afternoons, onethinks, at least when one used to watch it. One may be mistaken, of course.

But you have reminded one of Vikram aur Betaal! The young One was quite petrified of Betaal, to be honest. His doggy-paddle through the air at the end of each episode would have caused strong men to quail, one imagines.

P.S. You be a Liked Person, so one shall utter this with restraint: please to note that a link on the blog of the One is not to be described as that purpley thing. Hmpfh etc.

Dee: Hmm .. well, since you’ve wished the blog on the Auspicious Occasion of its half-birthday, we won’t be katti anymore.

P.S. There used to be an anti-katti too, one distinctly remembers. The implementation varied from school to school, but we used to place two fingers on either side of the mouth and smile (as opposed to the katti itself, which, for some reason, was executed by biting the fingernail). Positively scary it all sounds now.

Primalsoup: Thank you! And you have a valid point there. One most certainly wishes to retain the identity (bad math pun, plis to ignore). Will have to do something Drastic. Like stop Time. Or, like you say, pretend birthdays don’t happen.

A: Ah, a Custom! One likes those, yes. Thank you, thank you. But which scene, pray tell?

Twilight: Well. One’s network looks set to explode. Three Friends! Ah, the joys of networking!

And, by the power of Greyskull, you have gone and reminded one of The Masters of the Universe. Yes, we shall sing the He-Man song .. it was mostly instrumental, of course, but that doesn’t stop us going ta-ta-ta tee-tum, ta ta-ta-ta tee-tum etc.

J.A.P.: Ah, but you do have a Gmail account – 'tis possible to access Orkut using the same login. And then you shall have Four Friends in your Network! Enough to make anybody reconsider the whole sooside thing.

P.S. Thank you for the poem .. one has found it online and read it with much delight.

vAgue: Glad you liked it, and welcome! You arrive at an extremely Auspicious Time, too, what with the half-birthday and all.

Ph said...

No wonder my bloggy doesn't like me. How do I know? I can just FEEL it. I don't pamper it enough. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

One of the schools that I went to had the weirdest anti-katti known as the aaba[don't ask where they got it from].

To do aaba you take right thumb put it in mouth and swing it from left to right a few times. Take thumb out wipe it on your hanky if you're a good kid else the pinafore was good enough [all girls school- don't know what the male equivalent was sorry]

And as much as Deepali likes One, she will not do this kind of anti-katti.


shakester said...

well well, 6 month birthdays and all...hmmm:)
spiderman reminds me of Sunday mornings always, though I think it actually ran at about 5pm or something? saturdays?

Anjali said...

*Bright enthusiastic voice*


SO!! How old is the blog now? (Oh, drat, that's already covered isn't it? Half-birthday you said. Told you this was a problem for me)

Umm ... so what did the blog do to celebrate?

One in a Billion said...

Ph: Nah, your bloggy likes you just fine. It never tries to run away, unlike some bloggies we know. *casts Meaningful Look at this blog; this does not require much effort since one is looking at it anyway*

Dee: ‘Tis most kind of Deepali, for being subjected to an aaba sounds particularly traumatic.

Incidentally, one always had a hanky on one’s person in those days. In kindergarten it was mandatory to sport kerchiefs pinned to the chest (they even had to have your name embroidered on them, surname first, not that any of this is relevant). One would have been able to execute this aaba with elan, and hygienic elan at that.

P.S. What is the male equivalent of a pinafore? One is Quite Stumped.

Shakester: Hmm .. one distinctly remembers it being on Sunday. This needs to be thrashed out once and for all. We shall appeal to Higher Authorities. Please to give us a day or two.


The One : To celebrate? Oh, nothing much. We sang Spiderman, Spiderman.

Anjali : GREAT!

*awkward pause*

Come on, Junkie, we can exude more sunny effervescence than that :)

Anonymous said...

well girls wore pinafores you know instead of a skirt it was those straight dresses without flairs under which you wear a shirt?

boys wore shorts- not pants, shorts in particular until grade 5.

ahaha we had mandatory hankys too but only until kindergarten. Pinned neatly to the shirt, although Dee preferred it in her pocket.

While we're remembering random things: I also remember how the boys would hang water bottles around their necks. Like an unspoken code, girls hung it in their backpacks or on their shoulder like handbags and boys around necks.

=)childhood memories quite hilarious now.

Aditi said...

happy half-b'day to ur blog...i am so glad that ur network of friends has increased by one:)

One in a Billion said...

Dee: Yes, yes, one knows what a pinafore is .. one was merely kidding around, as one tends to do.

Hmm .. so boys carried water-bottles like machine guns and girls like handbags. One wonders if the feminist in you has anything to say about that ..

Aditi: Thank you, and thank you! Yes, 'tis great to be luurved!

Anonymous said...

lol no the feminist in me has nothing to say to this except laugh =P

Camphor said...

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