November 05, 2005

Dilettantics and deletion

For the space of a few hours two evenings ago, one was the proud owner of a second blog.

This second blog was, rather unimaginatively, named Test. One had put up a single post – a piece titled “abcdefg” – whose contents, in a burst of creativity, went something like “abcdefg”. The only comment there had been left by oneself (which probably qualifies as the saddest thing in the history of the commentspace). Its chief purpose, of course, was to allow one to generally muck around with these HTML/CSS things.

Presently the mucking about was completed and the conclusion arrived at that one should, in the future, a) stay as far from markup languages as humanly possible and b) not even think aloud about style sheets. Then one deleted Test.

And since then, things haven’t quite been the same. An emptiness is felt.

Why, one asked oneself, did it matter so much? Such maudlin sentiment over a mere webpage? From one who takes such pride in his unflappability?

Perhaps it mattered because deleting a blog feels like burning a journal – it is an act of self-effacement. Grim and masochistic. Even if that blog had displayed nothing more than alphabetic tautology*. For any blog that one creates might be merely a corner of a foreign server, but it is a corner of a foreign server that is forever one’s own. Or, in the case of Test, could have been forever one’s own.

In any case, this blog underwent a few changes following the aforementioned experimentation. Okay, so it wasn’t much of a facelift .. maybe one ended up doing more harm than good. Clumsy as ever. But at least things can only improve hereafter.

* which is precisely what this blog continues to do, some might say.


sinusoidally said...

I likey. The new appearance that is.

Sheetal said...

heh heh. 'An emptiness is felt' is it? One, er, that is to say, I shall soon be sending One a nicefunny article on the blog cycle. There is no need to despair - it is inevitable. Accept, rejoice, move on.

Anjali said...

Why, one would like to know, did One delete Test? Why could not have Test remained in blogosphere forever, belonging to One as a memory of experiments that did not work out? Or does One not like to be reminded of - dare one say the word - failures?

One in a Billion said...

Sinusiodally: Thanks! Will try and keep improving it.

Sheetal: Hmm .. one looks forward to said article. Much anticipation.

Anjali: Welcome! Yes, now that you mention it, perhaps Test could have remained undeleted .. but it was always intended to be temporary, you see. And it wasn’t a total failure, onethinks .. a few more such attempts and one might actually start to change one's mind about HTML. Imagine.

babelfish said...

erm..why this shade of yellow? ! !

Brilliant colour of course but erm....a bit strong no?

One in a Billion said...

*deeply offended*

This blog, madam may note, is NOT yellow in colour. It is a rich, even luxurious, golden. With hints of oak and beige and a rather dynamic dash of blue to arrest the eye.

So there.

babelfish said...

*repeat beeble*

I am colour blind. To my fishy eyes it seemed yellow, yellow and erm...yellow.
I got the blue though, most vibrant it was but ummetty umm...still outclassed by the yellow.

did not mean to offend...*mimble wimble*...will stop humble commenting if being offending to the one and only

*closes mouth and swims away to murky lonely waters all sad*

One in a Billion said...

There should be a law against this sort of thing.

Okay, Babel, the blog is not yellow .. er, golden anymore. It is now a subtle shade of ivory, somewhat reminiscent of sepia and mother-of-pearl. It may be noticed that this colour further accentuates the blue highlights. Which is, of course, the only reason one adopted it.

SV said...

sigh, we are not having much luck with yellow, I am thinking. Why world is not appreciating? :-( Must one succumb to popular taste over one's own inclination? Does owner own blog? What is proper dharma in this respect?
Many questions.

One in a Billion said...

SV : Good questions all. One shall quote Dickinson at this point (something one has been itching to do on this blog, incidentally ..)

"Nature rarer uses yellow
Than another hue
Saves she all of that for sunsets -
Prodigal of blue,
Spending scarlet like a woman,
Yellow she affords
Only scantly and selectly
Like a lover's words."

Anyway, the current ivory is still kind of yellow, no?

rainbeau_peep said...

uhm, it's b(lime)y! if anything

SV said...

Lovely! Does that mean we must be sparing as well? drat.
me likes current ivory - yes, definitely yellow.

One in a Billion said...

Rainbeau : One hopes that's a positive, tangy sort of b(lime)y ..

SV : Definitely.

m. said...

LOL! comrade, i weep with thee. i ambitiously tried changing templates a few months back, and an unholy disaster it was! im sure it was not asking too much when people around me were (and still are) indecently chaging templates every few DAYS, but there it is. the cosmos conspires.

ive flipped for your blog - its absolutely one-derful! may i link you? :)

One in a Billion said...

M. : Of course .. one would be honoured.

And, following a short sojourn to the Scribble Pad, the flip is reciprocated!

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